Home and Commercial Building Maintenance

  • The number one reason for investing in property is the safety of your investment.
  • The number one loss to your investment is costly repairs and not being aware of those repairs until it’s a time for replacement.
  • The question of, should the replacement cost be factored into the repair?
  • The biggest question is what liabilities are exposed everyday with that investment?
  • We can provide specific preventative maintenance data cards on the entire building or specific equipment within.
  • We can provide a specific preventative maintenance calendar for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and annual schedules for service.
  • We can analyze the efficiency of your building to discover a base line to determine all the solutions to the above needs in question.

By networking with all the trades available we schedule, manage, and report all of the needs identified on a timely basis. We handle your communications so you can be profitable at every level. Maintenance is not janitorial.

Maintenance is a baseline to maintaining a return on your investment.
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